Maple Bacon that will Steal Your Soul

Every once in awhile, there comes along a food that speaks to you - LOUDLY. It calls your name in the middle of the day (or night), and you must answer. My grandmother's ravioli, Canadian butter tarts and a really, really good turtle sundae are such foods in my book. There is no resisting such temptation.

Well, now I have to add Maple Brown Sugar Bacon to that list.

Tell me, who is able to resist that perfect combination of salty and sweet. Of crunchy and soft. Really, could there be a more perfect food on the planet?

And unlike my grandmother's ravioli, this is a recipe that is easy to make. It's only three ingredients. Think of it: You are three ingredients away from perfection.

Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar

Real Maple Syrup. Brown Sugar. Bacon. That's it.

I'll admit, I'm not real exact when it comes to cooking. I'm more of a "little of this, little of that" kind of cook. I blame my Italian grandma - the one that makes the delicious ravioli.

Years ago, I went to her house, armed with a notebook and pen, to learn how to make her spaghetti sauce. I was going to write it all down and make it exactly like she did. But grandma's recipe goes something like this (and you have to say it all with a thick Italian accent):

Her: "Put tomatoes in to the crack in the bowl."

Me: "Crack in the bowl? How much is that exactly? What kind of tomatoes?"

Her: "Whatever's ripe. Go see what's in the garden. Bring those in. How many? Depends on what looks good."

                       OK, I could eyeball that, but crack in the bowl??

Her: "Ahh, you don't have the same bowl at your house. Now I see the problem. I'll just give you this bowl, then you'll know."

To this day, I can only make sauce to the crack in the bowl. So I think you see what kind of a cook I am. 

The eyeball-it, Crack-in-the-Bowl kind.

The real, written-down recipe for Maple Bacon that will Steal Your Soul follows:

My only warning with this recipe is that you must, must, must use real maple syrup.

Don't waste your time or calories with maple flavored syrup. Only the real deal will do.

Try this once and you'll be hooked, perhaps adding it to your list of food that speaks to you.


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