Spring in the Country

As each new season unfolds, I tell myself, "This is the best time of the year." Apparently, I'm fickle. I can't pick just one season when we have so many from which to choose!

Spring wins my heart until the long, sunny days of Summer arrive. Then when beautiful, colorful fall pushes Summer aside, I say there couldn't be a prettier time of the year than autumn. Then the first snow of Winter comes and I'm all about it ... until Spring finally gets here again.

And I'm happy to say Spring is here.

Redbuds in Bloom

The Redbuds are blooming. The garden is getting tilled. The lilacs are almost ready to pop open. 

This is my favorite time of the year. (until Summer)

Apparently, the neighbor's horses think Spring is great too. They are having an evening game of tag.

Happy Horses

The work day is done for the draft horses and they are enjoying time off in the pastures.

Benedict, the world's worst barn cat, is hanging around, looking for attention. This cat has never met a mouse he would chase.

Benedict, world's worst mouser

We have the clip-clop sound of buggies going past.


And new cows being born. Baby cow

Yup, Spring is my favorite time of year in the country. 

But don't hold me to it.


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