Witzi's Raw Granola Makes an Elderberry Soaked Version for Elderberry Marsh

Everybody has that one food. You know the one. The one you can't stop eating. The one that if they put an entire bucket of it in front of you, and I'm talking a large bucket, you'd eat it all. For me, that one food is our new Very Berry Granola. (Did you just hear angels sing?? Listen closely - I'm sure I did!!)

Very Berry Granola

This all nut & seed, gluten free, vegan granola is so addicting the bag should come with a lock attached. 

Elderberry Marsh is proud to have another local Northeast Ohio company,

Witzi's Raw Granola, make this Very Berry Granola exclusively for us.

Last year, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Amy Witzigreuter, the creator of Witzi's Raw Granola, by a mutual friend. Amy told me how, when her youngest son was very little, he had some serious health issues. In an effort to help him become the healthiest he could be, she began to research nutrition.

It was really no surprise that the packaged foods available in grocery stores didn't measure up to her nutritional goals. Specifically, Amy couldn't find a granola she wanted her family to eat. Most had too much sugar, oats, peanuts, oils, preservatives, roasted nuts and even chocolate - hardly the basis for a plant based, nutritional snack or meal.  

So here's the part I like best: She decided to create it herself. 

I am not a fan of whining, moaning, complaining and excuses.  But I am a huge fan of the "get 'er done" attitude and Amy has that to the max. 

She created a line of raw granola that is soaked and dehydrated, not baked, for maximum nutritional value. 

And then she created a granola exclusively for Elderberry Marsh with dried blueberries, soaked in elderberry syrup. 

Elderberry Soaked Granola

This is not your mama's granola! (Unless, of course, your mama is Amy). It's not a cereal - this isn't something you're going to put in a bowl and add milk to.

No, this is a fulfilling snack or an on-the-go meal replacement. A topper to some yogurt (shhh, don't tell Amy, but it's great on ice cream too). A candy bar or chip substitute when you feel like reaching for a quick snack but don't want to eat junk. And I've even been known to sneak it into a movie theater or two. 

Are you a hiker? Tuck a bag of Very Berry Granola into your backpack and you'll be set to hike on for another hour or two.

While Witzi's Raw Granola is available online and at select retail locations, the Very Berry variety is only available through our website and at the various shows we attend. 

You won't be sorry. It is truly delicious.

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