Wood Turned Biscuit Cutters

I am a sucker for beautifully crafted tools. I'd knit all day on a pair of Lantern Moon's rosewood or ebony needles. In addition to their good looks, they feel right in your hand. 

The same is true about a Hartman rug hooking hook. The heft of the handle, the sturdiness of the hook - it's so balanced it makes you feel like you're creating a piece of art when you use it.

So when it came time to make a batch of biscuits and I pulled out a drinking glass to use as my cutter, I knew something had to give.

Fortunately, John is the type of wood turner that has vision. If you tell him you'd like a wooden biscuit cutter that feels right in your hand, looks pretty sitting on the counter and works like a dream, he can "see" it and then he can make it. (BTW, it doesn't work that way with me and knitting. If you tell me you want a scarf, you'd darn well better provide a pattern, with detailed instructions ... and pictures. And then be prepared to wait a very long time.)

I could spend hours watching our biscuit cutters take shape. It's fascinating to watch a square piece of wood be put on a lathe and shaped into delicate curves and roundness.

Our biscuit cutters are individually tuned and each one is as unique as their future owners.

I've been known to use my for cookies as well as biscuits.

But on non-baking days, it sure does look pretty just sitting on the counter.


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  • They are gorgeous!


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