Work Begins on the Woodshop Loft

We are never at a loss for things to do around here. Mowing, gardening and weeding take up most of our time in the Summer, and when Winter rolls around, we have the beloved plowing and shoveling of snow to keep us busy.

So really, there wasn't any need to find a new project.

But we did anyway.

And once we decide to take on a new project, our motto is "Go Big or Go Home." So we went big. As in 2,000 square feet of big.

We are turning the loft of the woodshop into a studio.

The main floor of the woodshop is John's domain. 

Woodshop in the Mist

It's where he designs, cuts, turns and does whatever else is necessary to create beautiful wood pieces.Pedestal Wooden Piece

Bowl with Cherries

But the loft ... the loft's main purpose was to collect junk. And it collected it well!

The loft was filled with years and years of unwanted things that were too big to be tossed out with the regular trash pick up. So this weekend, we rented a 20 yard dumpster and the clean up began. (I thought it was very smart of us to wait until it was 95 degrees and humid as heck to take on this project. Brilliant!)

After three days of tossing out, the loft is ready for a first scrubbing. But look at what we found.


In a dark, musty, dusty corner, there was an old fruit basket filled with hand turned clothespins.

Think of the work that went into making each one of these! And while they are all quite similar, no two are exactly alike.

Clothespins, close up

I'm going to enjoy hanging out the laundry with these, appreciating that a person, not a machine, took the time to make them.

Beautiful, simple, useful tools - I love them.

The loft project is not going to be a fast moving project at all. It's a "get to it when we have time" kinda project. But in my mind, I can already see it: large windows for letting in lots of light and for looking out at the farmland surrounding us; long tables for dyeing or rug hooking; lots of floor space for spinners and their wheels; comfortable chairs for knitters; hand turned pieces lining the walls. My head is like a Pinterest board on steroids!

But for now, there is a broom and a mop with my name on 'em. We can't get to the fun part of creating a studio until the yucky part of cleaning up is done. 

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