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Elderberry Marsh

Bread Bow Knives

Bread Bow Knives

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Introducing our artisan-crafted bread bow knife, the perfect companion for your sourdough masterpieces! Handcrafted with precision and care, this knife is more than just a kitchen tool - it's a work of art designed to enhance your bread baking experience.

Crafted from the finest materials, our bread knife boasts a razor-sharp serrated edge, expertly honed to effortlessly glide through even the crustiest sourdough loaves, preserving their texture and flavor with every slice. It also works great on bagels.

With its ergonomic handle, our bread bow knife provides exceptional comfort and control, ensuring precise cuts without the strain. Whether you're slicing thick slices for sandwiches or delicate pieces for appetizers, this knife delivers consistent results every time.

Elevate your bread baking game with our handmade bread knife or send one as a gift to the best baker you know.

The blade can easily be removed and flipped for left hand bakers. 

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