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Drink Muddler

Drink Muddler

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A muddler is a bartender's best friend. It is used to muddle, or smash, fresh herbs or fruits so they release their juices & activate their flavors. This must-have bar tool makes it easy to craft delicious cocktails. Crush mint for mojitos, blend butter, sugar and spices for a hot buttered rum, or smash fruit for a sangria.  

A drink muddler is the perfect gift for the cocktail lover, as a housewarming present or as a groomsman gift. 

Two drink recipes and care instructions are included with each muddler. 

Our muddlers come in two sizes: small (7"-9") for individual cocktails and large (11"-13") for pitchers. 

Note: The pictures shown are representative of the work we do. Your muddler may vary in style from the picture shown but will be of the same quality. Each solid hardwood muddler is tuned by Debbie Lingro and no two are alike.  

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