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Curly Maple Hand Turned Bowl

Curly Maple Hand Turned Bowl

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Introducing the Curly Maple Wood Turned Bowl, a beautiful one-of-a-kind creation which blends artistry with functionality. Handcrafted from a single piece of curly maple wood, this bowl celebrates the art of woodturning.

Measuring a little more than 8 inches in width and standing almost five inches tall, this bowl showcases the intricate grain patterns and rich hues that are characteristic of curly maple wood. The gentle curves and smooth finish enhance its visual appeal, making it a striking addition to any home.

Whether displayed as a centerpiece or used practically for holding oranges or other fruits, this bowl embodies elegance and durability. 

Perfect as a gift for wood enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone with an appreciation for handmade artistry, the Curly Maple Wood Turned Bowl is a timeless treasure that brings the warmth of natural wood into your living space.


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