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We proudly sell Brighton Wool & Honey Co.'s raw wildflower honey and consider it to be Ohio's best honey!  

Brighton Wool & Honey Co. uses organic beekeeping methods, leaving the bees to do exactly as nature intended, thus producing pure, raw unprocessed honey straight from the hive. And many of those hives are kept right here at Elderberry Marsh Farms in rural Geauga County. 

Pure honey, like wine, has a "terroir" or "taste of place" -- meaning honey will taste differently from season to season, year to year, even farm to farm. It takes on the taste of what the bees are eating, the soil, the water and the amount of rain we've had each season. The bees at Elderberry Marsh Farm have endless acres of gardens, fields and woodlands to search for pollen and nectar. 

8 oz. 

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